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Internal Server with Multiple Gateways and Filtering

Internal Load-Balanced Server with Multiple Gateways and Filtering Diagram

Your network contains the following:

  • Exchange, GroupWise, or any other brand of mail server
  • Load-balanced gateways that are equipped with anti-spam/virus filtering.


Pros and Cons of Internal Filtering Gateways



  • Using gateways frees up space on your mail server.
  • Having multiple gateways means that if one fails, there is still a backup.
  • High initial expense for specialized hardware that will eventually become obsolete
  • Product-specific expertise required by network administrator
  • Maximum effectiveness may require a recurring subscription for software, firmware, support, or filter definition sets
  • Utilizes more bandwidth locally in contrast to external solutions
  • Downtime of one or both gateway systems almost always results in email delivery failure, even though your primary mail server is functioning properly.

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