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Resell Branded Spam Filtering

SpamWeeder Premium Email FlowBy reselling our SpamWeeder Premium filtering, you can quickly and easily provide filtering services to your customers and give them the option of adding Email Continuity or Mail Bagging solutions. Webservio’s Reseller Program allows you to add new domains to your master account, so you can expand as your customer base grows. Becoming a reseller gives you new options to offer to your existing clients and allows you to be in control of the customer relationship.

Your customers will love you.

With our award-winning accuracy, ease of implementation, and smart filtering systems that automatically adapt to the needs of the customers, don't be surprised when your customers actually thank you for selling them our services.

It's easy to use and maintain.

Using our hosted solution means:

  • no hardware maintenance, patch management or upgrading
  • no compatability issues with existing hardware/software
  • all account management can be done remotely

You own the customer relationship.

Webservio stays in the background. You control your client subscriptions, billing and all contact with the customer. We can even brand the MX records, URLs, Web-based interface, and the end-user's daily SpamReports with your logo and domain name.

You make money.

Not only do we provide pricing for our Resellers that includes substantial discounts, but we do not interfere with your pricing decisions. This allows you to charge your clients whatever amount you require to adequately compensate you for your value-added management efforts.


Contact us about becoming a reseller