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Google Discontinues Message Continuity

Google is discontinuing Google Message Continuity.

Google Message Continuity

Google Message Continuity (Image Source):  http://www.google.com/postini/continuity.html

Established as a disaster recovery and business continuity solution for Microsoft Exchange, it received a passive reception from Exchange administrators, and according to a Google blog post did not see significant returns when compared to Google Apps.

In December 2010 we launched an email disaster recovery product for enterprise customers that use Google’s cloud to back up emails originally sent or received in an on-premise, Microsoft Exchange system. In the time since we launched, we’ve seen hundreds of businesses sign up for it. By comparison, in that same time, we’ve seen millions of businesses move entirely to the cloud with Google Apps, benefitting from disaster recovery capabilities built directly into Apps. Going forward we’ve decided to focus our efforts on Google Apps and end support for GMC.

Article Source:  http://exchangeserverpro.com/google-discontinues-message-continuity