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What Is Shared Mail Bagging?

Shared Mail Bagging (Shared MX Backup) is for clients with a monthly email volume of no more than one million messages. As the name suggests, the Mail Bagging (MX Backup) server is shared by other customers. Webservio's Shared Mail Bagging service offers plans that can protect up to three domains with backup MX records.

What sets Webservio's Mail Bagging service apart is our ability to apply anti-spam/virus filtering to all messages bagged for your domain(s). As a result, your network resources are not consumed with spam processing when your primary mail server becomes available.

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 How Shared Mail Bagging Works

Webservio provides you with redundant backup mail exchange (MX) records to add to your DNS. These additional MX records will have a lower priority so that they act as your backup MX records, which allows you to receive messages even when your mail server is busy or down. Messages sent to valid email addresses within your company during server downtime will be stored until your mail server is brought back online.

As the name suggests, the Shared Mail Bagging service is shared among many customers. This means that the time and memory resources of the server are shared. This platform is for clients whose email volume is no more than one million emails per month and who have fifty or fewer users. We offer eight different Shared Mail Bagging plans. These plans differ in regard to the number of MX records provided, your email volume, delivery attempt cycle, and the number of domains associated with your account.


Pros and Cons of Shared Mail Bagging



  • Costs less
  • Suitable for smaller companies
  • Little or no administrative control
  • The actions of other customers can affect the efficiency of your service
  • Automatic delivery attempt cycle