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Benefits of Mimecast Unified Email Management

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  • Reduce the complexity of your email infrastructure

    Mimecast offers spam filtering, email continuity, and archiving to provide full-featured email protection services all integrated into a single interface. Maintaining these systems yourself is costly and extremely time consuming. Choosing other providers for these services can be a headache, because you have to figure out and maintain multiple systems with different administration consoles. Mimecast services are managed from a single web-based administrative area. End-users can manage their services directly from Outlook, through the mobile app, or with the online portal.

    With Webservio, you can simplify your Internet services even further by choosing from our web hosting and email hosting options. Having multiple providers can make it a hassle just to get simple issues resolved. Consolidate all your services to Webservio, and you will always know where to go for support.

  • Increase the reliability of your email protection solutions

    Mimecast Unified Email Management (UEM) is supported by a highly redundant cloud infrastructure that ensures your services never go down. Stop wasting valuable time maintaining your own infrastructure or dealing with the frustrations of less reliable hosted services. Mimecast provides 100% service availability, with monetary compensation given in the event the SLA is not met.

  • Simplify management for administrators and end-users

    Simplifying management means that data protection policies are actually followed, because administrators and users have easy access to the tools they need. In addition, Mimecast UEM's advanced policy capabilities ensure that many measures can be automatically done based on rules without depending on user action. For example, encryption and/or disclaimers can be applied to outbound emails that match certain characteristics or tags can be applied to certain types of emails to aid in archive searches.

    Users have multiple options for accessing their Mimecast UEM services, including directly through Outlook, mobile apps, or the online portal. No matter where they are, your organization's employees will have easy and secure access to their email services. Simplifying access ensures better security, since it reduces the temptation to use personal accounts or other less secure methods for work-related tasks.

    When users have an easy-to-navigate interface, system administrators spend less time providing support. The Mimecast UEM makes it simple for users to manage allow/block lists, mark messages as spam, search their full email archive, and more directly from Outlook.

  • Full compliance with legal and regulatory provisions

    Using Mimecast Archiving ensures your company has a full history of emails to provide documentation necessary for compliance or legal action. Your files are secured with SSL during transmission and by AES encryption within the storage infrastructure. Multiple copies of each file are stored in at least two separate locations, and a full chain of custody is maintained for each email. In addition, a full history of emails can be imported into the Mimecast Archive to ensure you have a truly complete archive.

  • Easy set-up without changing network infrastructure

    Webservio engineers will provide all information necessary to complete set-up of your Mimecast UEM services. There is no need to alter your already-existing network infrastructure or purchase equipment, since the changes take place within your DNS and mail server settings. Deployment tools streamline the process to ensure all users have access to Mimecast services through Outlook.