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Frequently-Asked-Questions - Webservio
All Webservio Services FAQs

Will I be in a shared Mail Bagging environment?
What is the Shared Mail Bagging control panel?
What is an MX record, and how does Webservio's Mail Bagging solution work?
I do not have a dedicated mail server. My email is hosted on a shared mail server with another provider. Can you still back up my emails in case my provider's mail server goes down?
Why is Mail Bagging important?
Can I view the body of my emails using the Shared Mail Bagging control panel?
Can I use offline payment for purchase of the Mail Bagging service?
How long does it take for your service to be ready after we submit the order? We have a client that needs to have it set up in 24 hours.
Do you offer spam filtering/virus protection?
What is the setup requirement on my end? Do you require a list of all the mailboxes for the domain to be set up for Mail Bagging?
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